Two Short Stories

The Lighthouse by M.T. Mathison
This review is for two short stories by the same author, M.T. Mathieson. They are similar in many ways. The first is The Lighthouse.

This is the story of Ann Barford. She is a forty two year old divorced woman, mother of two. Ann has a secret and it has eaten at her for the past thirty two years. She must return to the source of her pain, the Hennerton Lighthouse. It is there where she will finally lay the ghosts of the past to rest. But will she?

This is a interesting piece with excellent character development. The author shows the reader how Ann’s secret has manifested itself throughout her life. Some may not like Ann and wonder why she reacted as she did, but I think the author painted a very clear picture of the how and why of it. I really liked this piece although a bit dark. Of course, I like dark. I am a mystery writer (debut, work in progress however). I give this story:


The second story is a very short one, only about 10 pages, called TXT.

This is the story that takes place over a two hour period. Carol Walsh is a mother that is very worried about the world and the bad things that can happen. It drives her daughter crazy and Sophie feels she is overprotective. She texts her a lot. What happens when the text go unanswered?

This story, like the first one, is a middle aged woman as the protagonist. She seems rather obsessed and that is shown well in the story. M.T. Mathieson does a great job in a short piece in showing this character. I liked this but not as well as the first one. The reason is the ending. I know the reason behind it, but I feel that it could have been developed further. It seemed too abrupt for me. I do recommend it for the character development, so I will give this one: ****

Thanks for being so patient with me. I realize it has been too long since my last post. I will try to do better and have another one for you soon. Happy Reading!

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