Let Me Ask Your Opinion…

Hi Friends!! As many of you know, I am reading and reading, but I am plowed under, so please bear with me. I will get to all the reviews. In the meantime, I realize that I haven’t been posting on a consistent basis, and for that I apologize. I have been pondering an idea for this blog, and I would like to throw it out here to you and, as the headline states, ask your opinion.

I know that many of you are not only readers, but also writers. So, I have been wondering about doing author interviews as well as the reviews. This not only provides more material for blogging purposes, but it gives the reader a little background about the author. So, reader and author alike, is this something that you would like to see on here?

A question to the writers: Would you be interested in being interviewed on this blog? If so, what questions would you like to answer for your readers? I am new at this, so any help in that area would be greatly appreciated!

I seriously want to hear from you all on your opinion on this as well as any other suggestions that you may have for what I can do to improve the blog. This is not for me, but for you, so I value your input. 🙂