I am a (so far)…

I am a (so far) unpublished author, who is also an avid reader. While I am researching and preparing to write my first novel, I am reading a lot of books. So, a light bulb went off and I thought, why not review books? Now I am not an expert on reviewing by any means, but as a person who has been reading from such an early age that I can’t remember when I didn’t read, I do know what I like and what doesn’t work for me. This is my opinion only. I know that the well known authors have gotten reviewed to death, so this is not my intent. Instead, I would like to review new authors, and those that are not a household name. I am sure there are so many out there that have not gotten the attention they deserve, or may have self-published and feel like they are abandoned to the Great Beyond. So, I am here to hopefully, bring attention to them. I will stress at this point that no one is paying me a fee for this. I am not a professional reviewer. I just have my opinion. Join me and let me know what books you have read recently. What did you think?


14 thoughts on “I am a (so far)…

  1. Thank you again Bon! I will get to it as soon as possible and let you know when I will have it up for review. Go ahead and sign up for email notifications too so you don’t miss any reviews! 🙂


  2. You echo my mindset exactly. I too am in the midst of penning my first, great novel. Within this process I practiced the hard fast rule of all authors, write everyday, and so I have. Besides my personal journal I have a journal for notes/reviews of the books I read and, like you, I became a participant in the same reviewing site. And the first book I read, Living Canvas by Karla Brandenberg, was a delight. I read it in one sitting. Also, upon starting this reviewing, I started a blog like yours. I have enjoyed reading your reviews and thoughts and invite you to do the same. I wish you lots of encouragement, comeradery and pleasure as you compose your first “quilt”. I compare writing a novel to constructing a quilt. The fabrics may not match but when sewn together make a beautiful piece…such will OUR “quilts” be.


    • Thank you so much for commenting, and I look forward to reading your blog as well. I really like the analogy of constructing a quilt. That is it exactly! Each piece is a scene or a thought even, and when they are sewn altogether, hopefully they come out beautiful. The best part about this analogy is that there are no two quilts that are exactly the same. Even if two “quilters” used exactly the same materials, where they placed the squares and how they were sewn together, would be different– making their quilt unique. I wish you great success with your debut novel! If you might be interested, maybe we could guest blog on one another’s blog sometime. I have never been a guest blogger or had one either, so that would be interesting. Thanks again for commenting and please feel free to comment or suggest a book that you like. 🙂


    • Thank you for writing Sarah. Yes, I will be happy to review your short story. I have a really heavy cue, but it has been so long since I have posted a review, so this is perfect. I saw the free coupon for Smashwords, and I have downloaded it into my Kindle. I have already requested you as a friend on Goodreads also. If I review for GR friends, I also post a review there, and where I receive it from, so I will post on Smashwords too. I will follow your blog as well and suggest following mine too so that you will get a notification whenever I post a new review. Thank you for sending me your story. I look forward to reading it..I do love scifi.. 😉 Also, maybe you can help me with this..I have tried to post the cover like you do of each book for the review..I can never get it sized right, it comes out can I get that the right size? I know that is probably a stupid question, but I can’t seem to get it to work. Thanks again! 🙂


      • Thank you!
        My book picture size on the blog comes mostly through affiliate link-code generated by Amazon, stuff that’s not on Amazon I can sometimes re-size by clicking and dragging in the WordPress visual post editor, but that’s not a sure thing; a couple of times it has refused to re-size anything. For one or two of them I’ve downloaded the picture and tinkered with it in G.I.M.P.(image program) until I like the size. The blog account should give you few free mega-bites to upload any re-sized copies you want to use.
        And its not stupid! Ask me anything else if I wasn’t clear.


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