Right Now~~A Short Story Review

Well, it appears that I must start out with another apology. It has been quite a while since my last post. Since I am still reading on my longer books for review, I am stopping to review on another short story. This is from a talented writer, Sarah Baethge, and the story is “Right Now.” 

This story is written in first person by a young woman named Lily Aldern. She finds herself between jobs and is hired as a secretary at her brother’s detective agency. He is one of a two man partnership at C & A Detective Agency. The company is investigating suspicious activity at an aerospace company, Legacy Towers. The team comes across a strange man, Joe, and it appears that all of his past memory has been wiped clean, yet he has an uncanny knack for predicting little snippets of the future. Exactly what kind of experimentation is going on at Legacy Towers?

The tone and voice are unique and for the most part believable. The interaction between Lily and the other 3 characters create a hint of comic relief to the story. The wonderful thing about science fiction is the many facets it can take, so many possibilities. I think this could be a great story if it was expanded upon. The characters needed to be more developed. The reader learns a little bit about Lily, and a little bit about Joe, but her brother and his partner, who have some major story line, are just there, much like a prop, and the reader is left wondering about them. This story ends abruptly, and leaves me to wonder if there is going to be a sequel, but it wasn’t hinted that there would be more. I really do like the premise of this story and I am left wanting more. I would love to see this expanded to at least a longer story, but it has great possibilities for a novella or even a novel. I would definitely like to see more from this writer, and would read this again with an expansion or if a sequel is coming, I would like to see that. 


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