4 thoughts on “5 Things to Avoid When Pitching to Book Reviewers

    • Thanks, Sarah! It is great information and something every author should be aware of. It is so frustrating when I receive emails from authors requesting a review when it is in my Submission Requirements page that I have stopped taking reviews since the beginning of the year! That shows me that they haven’t been on my blog at all..and as a writer, whose business it is to read, not a good sign! Except for right now..are you aware of my promotion? Check out my Submission page..I am making an exception with a contest for an author interview and review on my blog, with the review posted also on Amazon (or Smashwords) and Goodreads. When I get to 500 likes I will have the drawing. Check it out..I’m close to the 500..at 453 now..Best of luck to you! 🙂


    • You are very welcome! So glad I could help! Did you see the promotion that I am running right now? Check out the Review Submissions page on my blog for details. I’m running a contest for an interview and review on my blog, Amazon and Goodreads when I reach 500 likes on my Facebook page. I will be bypassing my queue for immediate placement. I am almost there. I have about 40 more to reach the goal. All authors that like my page and meet the rule criteria on my Submissions page are eligible. 🙂


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