We Have a Winner!!!

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign Ok, forgive the Las Vegas sign, but it was the closest picture I had! This is just a small post to announce the winner of the Spotlight Interview/Review promotion!

I would like to officially congratulate the winner of the Spotlight Interview & Review promotion–C. L. Swinney! I look forward to reading his book and interviewing him here! I very much appreciate all who entered and wish I could read all of your books. I will be having another contest when I reach 1,000 Facebook likes, so keep trying! Click on my Facebook page, if you haven’t already~~ http://on.fb.me/13Si0hm.

Thanks so much for following this blog! I will have another review for you soon, and when Mr. Swinney sends me his book, after reading it, he will be featured here. I promise it will be a great interview, so stay tuned!! 🙂


4 thoughts on “We Have a Winner!!!

    • Yes, this will be fun! Sorry I haven’t gotten your interview questions to you yet. I am going to send you an email right after I send this, just for some additional information. This is going to be a great interview. I am excited too! I’ve only done one other interview, so this is going to be a blast! Check your email and we will get the ball running here.. 🙂


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