To All Book Reviewers – A Thank You

Such a heartfelt post, thank you Dylan! I love reviewing but it does take a lot of time, especially since I am working on my own debut novel. I apologize for the infrequency of my posts because of this. Sometimes I do wonder if it is appreciated, because many times I never hear from the author. Thanks again! 🙂

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Thank you

Writing book reviews is tough. It doesn’t matter whether it is a couple of lines and a rating, or a well thought out essay, it takes effort for a reviewer to translate all the emotions and experiences they’ve just felt and translate it into something concise, considered and heartfelt. Many authors complain about how difficult it is to write a plot synopsis or promotional blurb, but it can be just as difficult for reviewers to condense everything they’ve experienced, complete with explanation and reasoning, into a few paragraphs. And then there is the worry about the reaction. Every author understands the anxiety of letting their work go, wondering if people will love or hate what they’ve written, but it is exactly the same for a reviewer, especially if they didn’t enjoy the work they are reviewing.

Some, lucky few, get paid to review books, but most book reviewers do it for free. And this is important for authors to remember…

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2 thoughts on “To All Book Reviewers – A Thank You

    • Hi Vashti! Thank you for dropping by! Thanks for asking about my writing too. It is going quite slow at the moment. I am still plotting my first novel and I kept starting it, then changing my mind about the plot and starting over. Nothing was getting done. Then a smart author suggested that I focus on one idea and write out the first draft. Keep the other ideas in a folder, and if the first idea doesn’t pan out, I can plug in the other one then, in the rewrite. That makes sense, so I’m going to try that! I hope all is going well with your writing as well. 🙂


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